Just bought a new computer? Bring it in along with your old one and we can make sure that all your documents, pictures, music, and other data are transferred over and put into the right places so that you don’t have to go a day without having all your information at your fingertips.


Has your computer been running slowly? Have you been told by your friends, coworkers, or family that they received emails from you that you never sent? Have you received any strange or threatening popup messages recently? Your computer may be infected with a virus or another malicious program. It’s important to get this checked out early to prevent file corruption or even loss of data.

We’re here to help! Our technicians can quickly and easily give life back to your computer, and give you control of it once again.


Although your computer may work well out of the box, over time you may notice a decline in performance of the machine. Whether this is due to viruses, clutter, or any type of hardware issue, we can get your computer back to running its best.

Service Prices for Computers


Need something not on this list? WE CAN DO IT!
Just give us a call and let us know what is going on.

  • Virus Removal  – $79
  • Data Transfer – $59
  • Data Recovery – $179 (Non-Mechanical damage)
  • Tune-up – $59
  • OS Installation and Setup – $59
  • Hardware Installation (HDD, RAM, etc.) – $59
  • Motherboard Replacement (PC) – $99
  • LCD Replacement (PC) – $79